Your Growth Guide


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Parenting is hard and it’s constantly changing. We feel nervous with babies and we feel out of our depth with teens. Toddlers test us, and children in primary school simply grow up too fast. Besides, just when we think we’ve finally ‘got it!’ our child reaches a new developmental milestone and it can feel like we’re back to square one.

As a father to six girls from ages 7 to 21, Dr Justin Coulson knows this only too well. If only our children came with an instruction manual! What is normal development for infants? Toddlers? Teens? And everyone in between? Are there times we should worry? How do we know if they're growing healthy and safely? How do we know if we're raising them right?

This webinar outlines basic milestones of our children's development so you can know what "normal" is (and yes, for this webinar, there is a "normal" developmental pattern), and when you need to be on the lookout for help. Packed with insights and delights, Your Growth Guide will give you the reassurance you need, or point you in the right direction, so your child can develop strong, healthy, and safe.

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Charissa Hazell - Thursday, 3 February, 2022 - 12:43

I found this webinar informative and the suggested follow up readings (books and articles) to continue my learning and understanding great.