Time out is NOT your only option
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Time out is NOT your only option

Discipline for every child (that parents can feel good about)

Setting limits with kids requires a lot more than simply telling them what to do and then punishing them or rewarding them based on whether or not they are obedient. In this eBook, Dr Justin Coulson will help you discover creative solutions for working with your children to help them stay within the limits. He explores:

  • Why punishments and rewards don’t work – and what to do instead
  • How your children’s development impacts their ability to stick with the rules
  • How getting our hearts attuned to theirs changes everything about discipline

Do you feel that you are incessantly nagging, shouting, pleading, threatening, and demanding that your children do as you have asked? Do you find that after all of the nagging, shouting, pleading, threatening, and demanding that you end up doing it for them anyway?

Do you live in a dictatorship – where the kids are in charge?

‘Creating boundaries’, ‘discipline’, ‘teaching kids how to behave’, ‘socialisation’… call it what you will, the purpose of this book is to help you to set limits with your kids that they can stick to in ways that you feel good about. While most parents admit to yelling, threatening, and smacking (or manipulating their kids with bribes and goodies), it seems we would rather not do those things if we could avoid it. This book offers simple strategies and ideas for disciplining your children in ways that work, and that reduce or eliminate parental guilt.

What you’ll get out of this book

After reading these pages you’ll have a handful of foundational principles and strategies that you will be able to apply immediately to change the way you set limits with your children. The principles and strategies you’ll read are based on some of the very best psychological research that the world has to offer. And when you begin to practise them you’ll notice the difference in your children, and they will notice the difference in you. A quick note about this book: I’ve intentionally kept it short – really short. If you’re like most parents you just want the key points and central strategies to implement right now. You should read this book in less than 30 minutes, but you’ll also be able to come back to it, refer to it regularly, and make your home happier because of it.  

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