The Miss-connection Summit
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Parenting Teenagers

The Miss-connection Summit

For parents of tween and teen girls aged 8–18

It’s often hard to know what’s really happening with your teenage daughter. 

And while we’d love to be able to read their minds or know how they feel, it’s almost impossible to decode the turmoil that only bubbles out when they’re frustrated, excited, or angry.

What we DO know is that the 21st century is perhaps one of the trickiest times to be a teenage girl. Alcohol and drugs, mental health concerns, body image issues, technology and social media, premature or non-consensual intimacy, and friendship troubles are just a handful of the issues they struggle with.

To survive these years and flourish into womanhood, your daughter needs connection.  As parents, we want that strong connection too, and we do our best to  create it, but we’re often left with a mis-connect. So instead of helping them through this turbulent time, we can even end up pushing them further away.

The Miss-connection Summit is about one thing: taking you into the world of teen girl experience and helping you connect with your daughter in the way she needs you to. Ten people who are experts in different challenges your daughter’s facing - whether it’s drugs, body image, anxiety, or self-perception - will show you how to help your daughter in a safe, positive way.

But most importantly, Miss-connection will show you how to connect with your daughter the way she needs you to.


Speaker lineup:

  • Taryn Brumfitt: founder of the Body Image Movement, director of the "Embrace" documentary, and on a mission to wipe out body dissatisfaction
  • Dr Justin Coulson: one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, though you better know him as the founder of Happy Families!
  • Paul Dillon: director of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, which delivers education around these issues
  • Madonna King: a speaker, journalist, and best-selling author who literally wrote the book on fathers and daughters
  • Dr Ginni Mansberg: GP, consultant, entrepreneur, and podcaster, Ginni is one of Australia's most well-known celebrity doctors
  • Michelle Mitchell: founder of harm prevention charity Youth Excel, along with speaker, author, and “teenage expert” (as called by the media)
  • Martine Oglethorpe: family counsellor, speaker, and writer who studies how families can interact with technology in healthier ways
  • Turia Pitt: having survived full thickness burns to over 65% of her body, Turia helps others overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams
  • Dr Jodi Richardson: as a speaker, author, and educator, Jodi works with families to help them find freedom from anxiety
  • Rebecca Sparrow: an ex-travel writer, publicist, and radio producer who now helps thousands of girls tackle the challenges the teenage years bring
Reviews (3)
Kylie Bevan - Tuesday, 25 January, 2022 - 13:04

Justin shares from his wealth of experience as a parent, an educator and a researcher ways to address real life problems that come up in so many parents' lives. I really like his down-to-earth, supportive approach, along the lines of 'you're doing a great job, and here's how it could be even better'. Highly recommend this webinar if you have teen, pre-teen, even young adult girls, in your life.

jen Righetti Righetti - Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 - 13:18

I loved how authentic and real all the presenters were and really discussed issue with a clear lense of today’s girls. I felt like all the presenters were sitting in the room with me and not talking through a screen if that makes sense.

Thank you for putting such a remarkable inspiring groups of speakers together- exactly what I needed to hear.

Highly recommend this summit to all parents of tween and teen girls. An insightful and reassuring that we are all on a similar journey we just don’t always talk about it with eachother! A reminder that we all need to indeed talk more and connect with our girls on so many levels.

Thank you for this summit an inspiration to parent and girls!

Diana Whitehouse - Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 - 13:23

I enjoyed the summit as it the presentations were relaxed and real.. I loved how I felt I was part of the conversation even though I was an observer. It was a great way to learn.

Amazing presenters. Great way to add knowledge and tools to help me engage and support myself to support in turn my children.