Super Solutions for Technology Troubles
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Super Solutions for Technology Troubles

For Children from Toddlers to Teens

This webinar is also included in the Happy Families Premium membership

A screen tsunami seems to be overtaking many of our children’s lives, impacting on their sleep, relationships, their academic experiences, and even their health and wellbeing.

This video presentation has helped thousands of parents and their children understand what screens are doing in our lives, and how they can enjoy them in healthy, balanced ways so that the other parts of their lives can be as successful as their advancement through the levels of their favourite game. In this presentation of Super Solutions for Technology Troubles, you will learn the tools required to have positive, effective conversations about screen-time. And you’ll develop the skills to establish appropriate limits together so screen time is no longer a source of conflict in the home.


When you purchase the Super Solutions for Technology Troubles video seminar we’ll also send you the accompanying tip sheet to print out and keep handy as a reminder of what you’ve learned.  

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