Parenting on the Same Page
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Parenting on the Same Page


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You think the children need another chance, some more time, and a big hug. Your partner thinks they need a swift smack on the bum, no iPad for a week, and a time-out.

Relationship tension because of parenting differences makes family life hard.

This webinar is designed to help by giving you tools for creating alignment on parenting principles. It’s for parents, co-parents, grandparents and carers. And it’s especially for you AND your partner in parenting to participate in together.

We'll talk about some of the more common areas of tension, and uncover simple strategies to resolve the conflict between parenting partners. But importantly, we’ll go where most seminars don’t go: we’ll unpack what to do when your partner or co-parent is unwilling to align with you on being a better parent.

This webinar is a must-do for couples, ex-couples, parents who want the grandparents to get on the same page, and carers who are juggling multiple relationship challenges.

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