Justin-ism Digital Wallpapers
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Family Relationships

"Justin-isms" Digital Phone Wallpapers

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With these 1024x1820px wallpapers, you’ll have quick and easy reminders of some of Justin’s key parenting principles every time you open your phone! 

This set of posters includes the principles:

  • Get Curious, Not Furious
  • The 3 E’s of Effective Discipline
  • Calm & Kind
  • Be Where your Feet Are
  • Remember: Not everything has to be FIXED
  • The Vicious Cycle
  • The Trust Triangle
  • The Power of Yet
  • Getting the Relationship Right
  • Mistakes Lead to Mastery
  • Happy Families don’t just Happen

If you'd prefer a hard copy, check out the 12 x A5 “Justin-isms” Posters

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