Children & Discipline

Carrots & Sticks

How rewards and punishments hurt our kids, and what to do instead

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Punishment and reward are the foundation of discipline for most parents. Parents would prefer not to yell, threaten, use time-out, smack, or generally get the kids in trouble... but what else is there? And when it comes to rewards, they're a pain to administer. All those stickers and gold stars. Plus, why should we have to bribe kids to pick up their mess or be nice to their siblings?

The typical toolkit for parental discipline needs an update. Fortunately, smart science is pointing the way to positive parenting solutions for every parent.

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this provocative online webinar as he slays several sacred cows of the parenting world.

You'll discover:

  • Why punishment is unhelpful in raising thoughtful and considerate kids
  • The reasons time-out needs to stay in the naughty corner and never come out again
  • The challenges with praise and why it can hurt children's development and growth
  • The most powerful parenting strategies to help guide your children successfully

This is a webinar not to miss. 

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