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Right now our society is facing a boy crisis. Relative to girls, our boys are struggling.

  • struggling at school,
  • struggling with friends,
  • struggling with mental health,
  • struggling with alcohol and other drug use and abuse,
  • struggling with pornography, sex, and intimacy,
  • struggling with emotions,
  • struggling with screen addiction…

... and they’re struggling with what it means to be a boy. As a parent, all you want is for your child to thrive.

Science tells us that the greatest predictor for your son’s wellbeing is his connection with you. 

The Bringing up Boys Summit, presented by Happy Families, is about one thing: taking you into your son’s world and helping you connect with him in the way he needs you to. 

You’ll be blown away with the extraordinary ideas shared by twelve experts in different areas that today’s boys are challenged in: boys and sex, boys and pornography, boys and screens and gaming, boys and friends, boys and alcohol and drugs, boys and violence, boys and emotions, and so much more. Our experts will show you how to help your son in a wise, positive way.

Ultimately, you won’t just find solutions to help your son through friendship breakdowns, the lure of drugs, anxiety and other mental health issues, or even the life-changing process of puberty. You’ll find ways to rekindle the connection you both want… and both need.


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summit speakers


✖️ New York Times bestselling author, Peggy Orenstein will speak on boys and sex. 

✖️ Paul Dillon, Director of DARTA, will confront alcohol, drugs, vaping, and other substance issues. 

✖️ Brad Marshall, "The Unplugged Psychologist”, will discuss how to cope with internet, screens, and gaming.

✖️ Glen Gerreyn, tackles the big conversations around pornography, sex, honour, and consent. 

✖️ Gus Worland will help us explore the connection between masculinity, social isolation, mental health, and suicide.

✖️ Dr Arne Rubinstein, author of The Making of Men, will discuss the a boys “rite of passage”. 

✖️ Teenage expert Michelle Mitchell, will tackle emotional vulnerability and communication. 

✖️ Matt Tyler, will help us understand how to undo ‘toxic masculinity’ and gender stereotypes. 

✖️ Professor Marc Brackett, Founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, helps us reimagine boys and their emotions.

✖️ Bec Sparrow discusses how we can help our boys recognise good relationships and set healthy boundaries. 

✖️ Mamamia founder, Mia Freedman, will round out our discussion with boys growing up (from a Mamamia perspective). 


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Reviews (27)
Karina Davis - Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 - 12:35

I loved the variety in topics and having the opportunity to do a live zoom at the end was a great way to see that as a parent of boys we aren't alone and we are in this together.

Nicole Brownlie - Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 - 12:37

I was able to participate in this summit as both a mum of a boy and as an education lecturer. It exceeded my expectations in both of my 'roles'. I came away with practical tips that I can use immediately with my son as well as amazing, current research that I can share with our future teachers. I am so grateful that, through Happy Families, we have access to so many passionate professionals that believe in our boys, their incredible strengths and potential.

Prue Keenan - Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 - 12:47

So fantastic!! Full of gratitude for the high level/ quality conversations and brilliant engaging interviewing conversation style of Justin.

I have tons of notes and feeling far more aware, confident, positive, empowered and knowledgeable to walk with my boys with them on this journey towards manhood. Full of gratitude to have ongoing access to this rich expertise & wisdom.

MELISSA ELTERS - Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 - 12:49

As a mother of four boys and a Pastoral Care Coordinator in a coeducational school, the summit helped me understand the issues boys are facing, how we can make them feel special and needed, to help them move beyond the boy into manhood and to eradicate the 'man up' theory and understand that to be a man has a different meaning in todays world!

Deborah Clay - Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 - 12:50

Dr Justin Coulson has a brilliant way of breaking down complex issues and explaining them to parents with clarity and compassion. I really enjoyed today’s Bringing Up Boys summit and will continue the learning process by going back and watching some key moments. Thank you to Justin, and all the experts - who kindly shared their expertise.