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Boys & Screens

Gaming, Gambling & Pornography

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In the past ten years, screens have completely upended the way we raise our children. Screens are everywhere. All the time. Social media has taken over our lives and the lives of our kids. 97% if kids are gaming. And the Internet has brought new kinds of risks into our children's lives at earlier and earlier ages.

Screens affect our boys and our girls differently. Boys are caught up in a gaming industry with hundreds of billions of dollars each year. It keeps them up at night. It creates contention in our home as sleeplessness combines with dishonesty, aggression, competitiveness, and the never ending desire for "one more game". Boys' online lives are complicated even more by the growth in gambling among tween and teen boys, and the continued rise of pornography. Boys' access to explicit content has never been easier or more common.

What can we do to help our boys manage their screen time, and manage the content they're exposed to, in safe, healthy ways?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for the webinar that will answer your questions... 

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