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2023 Webinar Bundle


The 2023 Webinar Bundle allows you to purchase all 11 webinars released this year by Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families (valued at just under $400) for a discounted price. These webinars are packed FULL of ideas, solutions, support and practical help for families navigating their way through a myriad of parenting difficulties and stages of life.

Purchase this bundle and you can own all 11 of these problem-solving-packed webinars. Check out the list of topics covered this year below. The ideas you will take away with you are immense and worth their weight in gold.

  1. Get it Right from the Start - Reinvigorating your family routines with a fresh start.
  2. How to Help when School Sucks - Helping your child adjust to school difficulties.
  3. Getting into the Learning Zone - Helping your child embrace challenges with James Anderson.
  4. Tweens: a Q&A Special - With Michelle Mitchell.
  5. The Parenting Revolution - All about parenting styles and what it takes to be a great parent.
  6. What Your Child Needs From You - How to get discipline right, even when everything's going wrong.
  7. Digital Kids - Balancing protection and progress.
  8. We need to talk about Parent Wellbeing - How to flourish in the midst of mental health challenges.
  9. Fatherhood Redefined - The unique and invaluable role of fathers in families.
  10. Enough - Overcoming anxiety, perfectionism & self-loathing.
  11. Sex, Consent & Staying Safe - The critical conversation to have with your teens.
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