Tweens, Teens, & Screens

Rewriting the Rules for a Sensible Approach to Technology in our Families

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Dealing with tweens, teens, and screens is tricky. Governing bodies with fancy-sounding names trumpet policies about how much is “too much”. Academics wring their hands about how screens are crippling our kids. And we’re stuck in the middle, just pleading for the kids to get off the screen and help out around the house, do their homework, or be kind to their sibling!

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Join Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting specialists, as he unpacks the simplest methods to work out the screen situation at your home, based on the very latest, cutting-edge research. In this presentation, you’ll discover:

    • Why the concept of ‘screen-time’ misses the point and leads to unhelpful conflict about tech
    • How to eliminate the drama around screens with most kids in most situations without having to ‘ban’ devices
    • What parents really need to worry about when it comes to screens, and what they can relax about
    • The sneaky ways our kids are using screens without our knowledge, and
    • How we can make screens work in our family’s favour

This webinar will challenge your views, and change the way you talk about screens and tech in your home – for the better.



  1. Sarah

    Wow such a relevant topic

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It was good.

  3. Linanashat

    Thanks for that

  4. Karen

    Very intresting……..

  5. Rebecca Neale (verified owner)

    Loved this webinar! Justin talks about setting **realistic** boundaries for screen use and social media for our children (and ourselves) and also explains why we need them.. The boundaries he suggests has left both myself and my 12yo son satisfied in the way that screen time is going to be managed in our home going forward.. Justin also takes the time to answer viewer questions and explains how important it is to start the conversation with our kids around this topic so that they themselves can understand why it is so important to set and manage boundaries on social media and screen use!!

  6. Maryann Perri (verified owner)

    It gave me more insight as i was more anxious about the time kids should be on their screens. But its about other aspects as well, but in saying this, my kids can’t be on their screens all day either. It sure is a balance and what works for each family might not work for another family, Thank you Dr Justin, you are a very public good speaker and very passionate about educating families.

  7. Clara McGinty (verified owner)

    So so helpful and offers hope for parents trying to do the best thing possible for their children re screen usage. Thank you, Justin!!

  8. jodie (verified owner)

    Thank you Dr Justin. So good and helpful to hear wise and sensible words in the discussion surrounding tweens, teens and screens. We love our kids but it’s been the only real point of tension between my tween/nearly teens and my husband and I. I literally felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders after hearing it and felt freed up to parent with confidence in this area. A real gift!

  9. Marilyn F. (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful, insightful presentation again by Dr Justin Coulson. Such a hard subject to approach with Tweens but done in such a loving way. Thank you.

  10. Natalie Mann (verified owner)

    I could listen to Justin talk for HOURS! I always feel that I’m in safe hands. Everything rings true, I get ‘it’ straight away with lots of eureka moments. I completely echo everything Justin talks about and I feel confident in Justin’s evidenced based approach – he really does know what he’s talking about. Anything I’ve ever tried whether it be one of Justin’s books or seiners have only ever improved my relationship with my kid. Legend!

  11. Sarah M. (verified owner)

    Great and non judgemental and offered hope

  12. Ross Smith (verified owner)

    Great content but would have been good to add a section on suggestions for that moment when the kids are disagreeing or refusing to discuss screens / refusing to put the phone down even with the strategies suggested. Perhaps the longer process will reduce this though I expect. Overall, a great webinar with good ideas and info.

  13. Corinne (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this webinar and was able to initiate a positive conversation with my two children.

  14. Leilani (verified owner)

    From Canada – Great to hear a balanced viewpoint on this topic. We are in a world where “screens” are not going away and the kids will be on it in some way with school or their peers. Covid lockdowns changed these rules substantially and I liked when he talked about “creating” and “connecting” because kids couldn’t go to parks and play. Technology has made it possible to connect so my child has not suffered some of the anxiety or emotional issues I keep hearing about because I allowed him more screen time to connect and play/create video games with his friends, which resulted in lots of laughs. He even used the screen to become interested in playing piano again – this time he taught himself songs he liked. So to hear a “doctor” now say it is ok rather than saying we should “ban” screens is refreshing. But there are still problems and fights; therefore, balance and listening to your child is the key and this webinar is great at getting back to being balanced and how communication is super important and probably futile to fight a fight that “parents” can’t win (I laughed at the analogy of food time). The 6 C’s and 3 E’s and “mindfulness” topics are really helpful for conversation. If kids feel empowered, it is amazing to see them make their own decisions so I loved Dr. Coulson’s tips. Only improvement? I would have liked to hear more of his answers to some comments and questions he “tabled” but then didn’t go back to since webinar was over.

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