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Parenting Coaching: Are you pulling your hair out because your child won’t listen/won’t do what you request?... More  >
Parenting Expert in Your Lounge Room: How to build a strong connection with your children... More  >
Time out is not your only option: Positive discipline for every child (that parents can feel good about) More  >

Creating an emotionally intelligent Classroom Classrooms can be challenging places...
Wiring your Brain for Success : at Work and In LIFE. The way we think determines how successful we are...
Deal or NO DEAL: Equipping teenagers to make positive choices for life. Teenagers are exposed to...
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Will the BEST me please stand up?

How using your strengths can make for a meaningful, strong workplace ...

Watch out!

Emotions are Contagious. Creating a culture of positivity at work...

Creating a Connected Team

"You’re getting paid. Take that as positive feedback. When we stop paying you ...

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The Four Things Your Children Need From You to Be Successful in School

Malala Yousafzai is a girl who has profoundly affected millions of people around the world. You may have heard of her. Last year Malala was shot in the head in a failed assassination attempt by the Taliban in Pakistan. She was only 15.  Read More>

How do I know if my teen is depressed?

In it’s mild form, depression is the most common psychological problem for teenagers. While it was uncommon a generation or two ago, we now see more diagnoses than ever among our youth, and some psychologists predict that depression will become the psychological ‘flu’ of the 21st century – only the effects are longer lasting, and the illness is harder to treat. Read More>

Should my teenager get a job?

Most kids begin earning money at a relatively young age. Many get paid for chores or for baby-sitting, car-washing, or odd jobs around the neighbourhood. By around the age of 15, many children are working in supermarkets, food outlets, and other retail stores. ABS figures reveal that up to two-thirds of teens are involved in the workforce at some level. Read More>

Expecting a baby?

Every now and then a book comes into our lives at the perfect time. This article is about a book that is just what I needed, just when I needed.
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Here comes NAPLAN again
The following is an edited and updated version of an article I originally published on "The Punch". Read More>


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