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Parenting Coaching: Are you pulling your hair out because your child won’t listen/won’t do what you request?... More  >
Parenting Expert in Your Lounge Room: How to build a strong connection with your children... More  >
Time out is not your only option: Positive discipline for every child (that parents can feel good about) More  >

Creating an emotionally intelligent Classroom Classrooms can be challenging places...
Wiring your Brain for Success : at Work and In LIFE. The way we think determines how successful we are...
Deal or NO DEAL: Equipping teenagers to make positive choices for life. Teenagers are exposed to...
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Will the BEST me please stand up?

How using your strengths can make for a meaningful, strong workplace ...

Watch out!

Emotions are Contagious. Creating a culture of positivity at work...

Creating a Connected Team

"You’re getting paid. Take that as positive feedback. When we stop paying you ...

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New Beginnings

My blog posting has been intermittent lately. That's because the entire website is about to be re-vamped. Some really cool changes are coming at the end of July, 2014. So keep checking back... it's going to be awesome, and you WILL want to see what's coming next. Read More>

More on why my kids don't do NAPLAN


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