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What Your Child Needs from You (the Webinar)


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Parenting is one of those things we often think should just come 'naturally'. We imagine we'll be great at it (not like those family members who can't seem to get it right!) and that our kids will turn out spot on. And then... we have kids.

Reality is painful for many of us. Parenting turns out to be harder than most of us imagined. We feel more tired. We have fewer answers, and the answers we thought we had don't seem to work like we planned. We wonder if we're too strict, too free-range, too gentle, too tiger, or too tired to care. We struggle with screens, feel burdened by boundaries, and feel like all we do is frown.

Yet parenting is also an incredible source of joy and happiness! How do we make it feel like that more often?

Join Dr Justin Coulson, the co-host and parenting expert on Channel 9s hit TV show, Parental Guidance, for some... well, extra special parental guidance! In this jam-packed, interactive, 90-minute webinar, you'll discover:

  • What every child needs from their parents in order to flourish
  • Where parents are going wrong in their efforts to be the perfect parent
  • How to get discipline right, even when everything's going wrong, and 
  • Why joy in family life is easy to find... when you know where to look.



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