What to do when kids won't listen
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What to do when kids won't listen

What do we do when our kids “won’t listen” and does it actually matter?

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These days "compliance" is a dirty word in the parenting blogosphere. For many people compliance means that a parent is a demanding authoritarian, expecting children to follow orders regardless of preferences otherwise. Compliance connotes coercion and intrusiveness.

As with every social media firestorm, there may be a kernel of truth to this. Compliance is not a healthy long-term objective for our children, and is not an ideal focus for our parenting.

But can we be real for just a minute?

Sometimes they just have to buckle up in the car. They actually should swim between the flags, wear shoes while riding a scooter, and stop throwing knives at their brother! These are safety issues. And they matter.

And sometimes the table does need to be cleared, the school bag put away, or the stinky sports gear placed in the laundry basket. It’s called being part of the family and learning to do your part.

So what do we do when our kids “won’t listen” and it actually does matter?

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