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Children & Discipline

The Time Out Alternative

7 DAY COURSE | New discipline strategies for positive parenting


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The Time-out Alternative

New discipline strategies for positive parenting

Of all the challenges parents face in raising children, how to “discipline” a child is one of the most contentious. Everyone has an opinion about how we should be parenting. But parents are, more than ever, confused about what is ok and what is not.

Smacking is out - unless you’re part of the old-school. Yelling is the new smacking, but no one wants to yell. It feels horrible. Time-out is the discipline strategy of choice in most major parenting programs but it has major drawbacks, the major one being that it doesn’t seem to work. It seems like every disciplinary strategy has the potential to do damage, and leaves parents scratching their heads, asking “What am I supposed to do?”

Discipline done right doesn’t damage kids. 

Join Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, for this 7 day course that explodes the myth that discipline has to hurt. In just 10 minutes each day, you’ll:

  • Learn to differentiate between discipline and punishment

  • Discover why smacking, yelling, time-out, withdrawal of privileges, and grounding are lousy discipline strategies that can do damage

  • Uncover a new no-damage approach to discipline that builds relationships, improves children’s behaviour, and makes parenting easier!

  • Lay the foundation to become the parent you always dreamed you could be

Day 1: The history of parenting
Day 2: The case against time-out
Day 3: There are better ways
Day 4: Managing expectations
Day 5: Time-in
Day 6: Let it breathe
Day 7: Becoming the parent you want to be

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