The Calm Classroom
Resilience in Children

The Calm Classroom

Using Mindfulness for wellbeing and learning at school



Over the past 10 years, mindfulness has become the buzzword in education. There has been a mindfulness revolution! The only thing is, many educators have not bought in. Many actively resist any talk of the new-age mumbo-jumbo fad programs that some schools have tried to “roll out” so we can all be more mindful. And as a result, mindfulness is still not a regular part of the school day for most students.

So… this presentation is for the skeptics. It’s for the educator who is unsure, who doesn’t know where to start – or why they should start. It’s for any educator who wants to know what mindfulness really is, and whether it’s for them.

The research is there. Mindfulness helps create calm classrooms where students feel better, which helps them learn better. But mindfulness in the classroom is not about everyone taking some big, deep breaths twice a day and then getting on with learning. This webinar will show you:

  • how mindfulness is less about what we do in the classroom and more about who and how we are
  • what a simple redirection of energy in tricky times can do for calm in class – for your students, and for you
  • the precise things to say in order to teach students why mindfulness matters, and how they can practice it
  • specific strategies for you to be more mindful at the moments that matter most
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