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Parenting Teenagers

Teenage Dirtbag

Parenting Teens with Empathy

Thursday 24 August
8pm AEST | check my time zone


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Dust off your Doc's and dig out your flanno! We're taking a time-traveling trip back to the 90s where the internet screeches, you're emotionally invested in Saved By the Bell, and you're devo'd because you forgot to feed your Tamagotchi.


You're not a teenager anymore. You HAVE a teenager. How's that working out for you?

Do they think you're totally "Clueless"? 
Have they started listing "10 Things I Hate About You"?
Do they make you want to "Scream"? 
Would you say they "Drive Me Crazy"? 

Dr Justin says that the secret sauce to successfully raising a teen is EMPATHY. And tapping into your own inner teen is the best place to start.

Join Dr Justin and the cast of Dawson's Creek* for this totally FREE 30-minute event, where he'll dish out all the 411 you need, including:

  • Sweet strategies to handle the emotional whiplash
  • Pointers to get your teens pumped to solve problems like a pro
  • Grouse guidance on getting them to take a pass on gnarly, risky behavior

If your mum can't drop you off, just see if you can get a lift with your friend. Or if you're one of the rich kids who already has the internet, you can join us online via the World Wide Web. 

We're gonna dip, but you hang up first...

The Happy Families Team


*So, like... we sent Dawson, Joey, and Pacey an invite on MSN, but they haven't actually RSVP'd yet. We totally reckon they'll come though, because it's going to be sick.


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