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Parenting Teenagers

Sex, Consent & Staying Safe


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As the world evolves, so do the ways children access information. 

It's crucial to understand that when it comes to sex, your child's curiosity may run deeper than you think. If they're not finding answers from you, they'll turn to other sources. 

But can you be sure that what they discover will be accurate, healthy, safe, and aligned with the values you wish for your child? How equipped are you to pre-emptively guide your kids through the topics of sex, consent and body autonomy?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for ‘Sex, Consent, & Staying Safe’ where you’ll learn:

✋ The importance of modelling and teaching consent, respect and boundaries to children of all ages - from babies, toddlers, right through to teens

👍 How to introduce these concepts in developmentally appropriate ways

🫶 What respect and true consent looks like

👂 How to establish a pattern of having the open conversations your child needs as they grow

Don't wait. Start these conversations today.

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