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It’s just plain hard for a child with ADHD symptoms to stop themselves doing what they want to do right now, even if it’s not helpful. The lack of regulation or inhibition results in non-stop activity, socially embarrassing situations, inattention, frustration, and not to mention, the never ending challenge of having your kids do anything without being asked 15 times. The concept of the “future” is just that – a concept. 

This is infuriating (and tiring) for parents, and it is often distressing for children.

If you have a child with ADHD, then this course is for you. Dr Justin Coulson will explore up-to-the-minute science on what ADHD is, why it occurs, and most importantly, what you can do to create something at home that feels sane and balanced in an often chaotic climate. 

This 12-part course will:

  • Provide science-supported strategies that build parental knowledge, 
  • Improve child engagement and involvement at home,
  • Help everyone at home deal with regulation issues more effectively 
  • Offer family-strengthening tips to support parents, strengthen relationships, and build bonds,
  • Give you activities, exercises, and conversations to move things forward in your relationships at home, and in the way your family functions.

What’s included in this course:

  • Short, informative videos from Justin,
  • A workbook with hands on activities for each module,
  • Practical strategies and tools to use immediately, to help solidify and implement the principles taught.

Please note, purchasing this product will grant your school community 6 months access to the Course from the date of your purchase.

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