Little People, Big Feelings
Children & Discipline, Resilience in Children

Little People, Big Feelings (the Webinar)

Solutions you need to raise your children with kindness and compassion (and without the parental guilt!)

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Why do our toddlers and pre-schoolers behave in such challenging ways? Why won't they listen? Why can't they understand that when we say it's time to leave the park, it means we have to go? Why are they so stubbornly defiant? And why is it that they're still so unbelievably lovable and cute even while they're making a mess, having tantrums, and exhausting us?

Little People, Big Feelings is a webinar that answers those questions - and more. In this presentation for every parent, carer, or educator responsible for anyone under 6, we'll explore why young children are so challenging. More importantly, we'll look to science and history for answers, hacks, tips, and strategies that will help the grown ups act like grown ups when the toddlers and preschoolers are acting like... well... toddlers and preschoolers.

In this webinar you'll discover:

  • The three things parents say to their kids to make things better... but that actually make things worse

  • The four central reasons our children have such big outbursts and tantrums, 

  • A roadmap to staying calm under pressure, and

  • Cutting edge parenting strategies to guide your children through their worst moments and back to calm.

Little People, Big Feelings is for the stressed out, time-poor parent who didn't realise raising a monster (oops, I meant "child"... raising a child) could be so difficult! 

And it will give you the solutions you need to raise your children with kindness and compassion, without the parental guilt. 

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