Little People, Big Feelings The Workshop
Resilience in Children

Little People, Big Feelings

The Workshop

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Saturday 20 November, 2021

2 hour workshop | 3 exclusive sessions

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Please note: Places are restricted to just 50 participants per session. No additional sessions will be added. This workshop will be run "meeting" style with the option for participants to work face to face with Dr Justin via Zoom.

What are we supposed to do when our child is throwing a tantrum, losing the plot, or just plain going off their rocker?

Most of our responses—no matter how well-intended—can make things worse. We tell them to stop it, calm down, cut it out... and they don’t! They get worse! We send them to their room, take the iPad... it all backfires. Dealing with little people’s big emotions (and challenging behaviours) in the middle of an outburst is tough!

The tricky thing is that much of our children’s challenging behaviour (and our feeling that they aren’t resilient) has less to do with the actions we see, and more to do with the big emotions they feel. And while we want to help them, we’re not quite sure how.

The Little People, Big Feelings workshop is Dr Justin Coulson’s powerful guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world. Once they develop this critical life skill, emotionally intelligent children will feel more confident, perform better at school, have healthier relationships with others, and even be physically healthier.

In this workshop, you'll talk, listen, investigate, and practice all the ways you can manage those "big feeling" meltdowns in calm, constructive ways.

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