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Now you can have LIFETIME ACCESS to premium parenting resources to help make your family happier with no more extra costs!

As a Lifetime Premium Member (up there with royal status!), these are the “precious jewels” you will be able to look forward to year after year … after year:

  • Weekly “Lighten The Load” emails with quick tips on the big parenting challenges.
  • Access to all upcoming monthly video guides without having to pay any extra.
  • A video library that’s continually growing: watch past webinars and other videos.
  • Extra resources from Mrs Happy Families herself to help you put positive parenting into action.
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions where you can ask Justin about any and all of your trickiest parenting dilemmas.
  • An exclusive Facebook group where our Happy Families members share stories, discuss common problems, and trade tips amongst the community.
  • Access to some online programs based on Dr Justin Coulson’s best selling books, to help you really internalise the principles we share at Happy Families.
  • Member only discounts for Courses, Workshops and Summits.

Join the family now, with a Lifetime Membership.

Justin is my parenting angel, not only am I learning to be a better parent I am learning to be a better person. I always learn something new from Justin’s insight, lived parenting experience and research. The tools he offers is invaluable as we parent the future greatness of generations to come.

- Deborah H

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