How to set your child up for School Success

How to set your child up for School Success


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Every parent wants their child to succeed at school. But finding the magic formula for making it happen can be challenging. Some kids seem uninterested in school success. Do they just not care? Aren’t they aware that in some parts of the world other children would do anything for the privilege of an education??? How do I help my child succeed in school?

Join me for this one hour webinar where together we’ll explore the 5 critical things every child needs to do well at school – and you’ll be surprised to know that almost none of them are about studying. Plus we will also discover the 3 most helpful things we can do to help our children do their work so they get the best grades they can – without you having to fight them to “go to your room and do your schoolwork!"

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Larissa Puxty - Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 - 13:02

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘How to set your child up for school success’ webinar and would recommend obtaining the audio recording for those who missed it but also for future reference as well. It was very practical and easy to follow - nothing too hard to implement but the effect for your child will be empowering.