Wellbeing solutions for improved focus and fulfilment at school

The research is in. Educator wellbeing is low. School leader wellbeing is lower… and it’s little wonder. Behaviour challenges, students with special (additional) needs, a crowded curriculum, exams, reports. Mixed with over-reaching parents with interfering agendas, and a never-ending list of responsibilities and expectations… it’s a lot to work through.

How do you, as an educator (or leader) look after your own wellbeing? What kind of mental (and even physical) self-care do you, as an educator, need to flourish – at home, and at school?

This presentation steps you through the science of Positive Psychology in a personal, interactive, and REAL way – with a specific emphasis on the education context. We’ll dive deep into understanding and practicing the things that will (and won’t) make you feel great about life – and find improved focus and fulfilment at school.

Reviews (2)
Sallee Carter - Tuesday, 25 January, 2022 - 13:23

Teacher wellbeing is at the forefront of much attention at the moment as we become increasingly aware of how demands are being made from all directions.
Justin's webinar was timed perfectly as the end of the academic year draws to a close, as we were reminded of strategies to energise, replenish & nourish ourselves.
Thank you Justin for sharing your valuable insights & knowledge - as challenging as we may find them - they are most appreciated.

Marcia Smarrelli - Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 - 13:04

This webinar has inspired me to make changes within my life in order to create balance and avoid burnout. I have recently reflected on my work, and realised that my work life balance is lacking. Dr Justin Coulson gives practical advice to enhance teacher wellbeing. Because although as teachers we hold the student at the centre, our wellbeing is paramount in order for us to create happy and inspiring classrooms.