Force Creates Resistance
Resilience in Children

Force Creates Resistance

Why your behaviour management program isn't working

Emotions matter more than we realise. They impact motivation, the decisions we make, and even the performance appraisals and grades we give. Yet emotions are often misunderstood, especially in the classroom. When emotions surface with colleagues or students, they are all-too-often ignored, or worse, shut down.

Research shows that raising our EQ – our emotional intelligence – can have an instant impact on relationships, behaviours, achievement and wellbeing. It can also transform behaviour management in the classroom – an ongoing and draining issue for every teacher.

  • This presentation shares —
  • The four key aspects of emotional intelligence
  • How to respond to bullies with emotional intelligence in ways that actually change behaviour, and
  • How to manage others without resorting to yelling, threats, and bribes.

Gain emotionally intelligent strategies for getting the best from yourself and those around you.

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