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Digital Kids

Balancing protection & progress

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So much internet ink has been spilled decrying the challenges of raising digital kids. In today's world, teeming with technological advancements, the risks our children face have reached unprecedented levels. The need for protection is undeniable.

But… our kids are growing up in this digital environment. And frankly, it’s pretty damn awesome. The opportunity we have in front of us is unparalleled. Never in history has there been so much potential for our children to build and develop amazing digital solutions that can improve our world.

How do we balance this? How much screen time is too much screen time? What age is appropriate for screen use? What should parents do about social media, gaming, inappropriate content, online stranger danger, and screen addiction? How can we effectively safeguard our children against the risks of the online world while empowering them to use technology for good?

Join Dr. Justin Coulson in this indispensable webinar where he will help you with your biggest concerns about technology and children. In this session, he will reveal the key to finding a balance between safeguarding and embracing progress in the digital era. Get ready to uncover:

  • What research says about kids, screens, and wellbeing - and why we have every right to be concerned
  • Why the negatives are happening
  • How to turn anxiety into opportunity
  • Practical solutions for every parent
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