Parenting Teenagers

Can We Please Talk About Boys?


As our sons grapple with growing from boys to men, they experience beautiful, baffling, sometimes terrifying, development. They set fire to things, they do wimp tests, they play video games all night. They take risks, argue and fight, seek sensations of all kinds, go where they shouldn’t.... And they also work hard to be good kids who do the right thing.

As parents raising our sons, we experience beautiful, baffling, sometimes terrifying moments too!

We agonize over their safety, their physical health, their mental health, their relationships. We marvel at their growth and strength while we simultaneously mourn the loss of their sweet, baby faces and night time cuddles. Our boundaries (and patience) are tested as they push for more autonomy. We bemoan the state of their room, the mortifying smells they are somehow now capable of conjuring, and their ability to empty the fridge faster than we can fill it!

Mostly, we worry about the kind of men they will become.

But what does it even mean to be a man in 2022, the era of #metoo and #toxicmasculinity?

If your son is aged between 3 and 23, this webinar will help you understand how he is developing, and why he does the things he does. You’ll discover how to raise a responsible, caring boy who is strong and capable. And you’ll find the reassurance you need to know that he’s probably doing just fine - even if he does seem a little hard to get to know now and then.

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