Anxiety in the Classroom
Resilience in Children

Anxiety in the Classroom

Educators Masterclass

Our kids are suffering from anxiety in record numbers.

About one in seven primary school kids experience mental ill-health. It’s one in four adolescents. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated anxiety for some children. And around 25% of parents are passing their anxieties on to their children!

Educators are unfairly expected to respond to anxiety in students – without being trained in how to do this effectively.

This presentation is designed to help educators identify what anxiety looks like, and provides simple strategies that are empirically and clinically proven but don’t require a PhD in psychology to implement.

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Kathy Burnett - Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 - 13:31

Thoroughly enjoyed this online webinar. Succinct analysis of current research and explanations of what this means. Will definitely share the information and keen to feign up for future sessions.