ADHD answers
Neurodiversity in Children

ADHD answers

A deeper look at basic psychological needs in your ADHD child

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Raising an ADHD child can be an experience in extremes. When times are tough it feels impossible to get through another round of chaos. This is the part everyone else usually sees - and judges. But when times are good, your heart soars. You experience your child at their best, and you wish that everyone else could see them when they're "like this"...

How can we create an environment where an ADHD child feels safe, is emotionally regulated, and can grow and develop in a developmentally optimal way? What is the secret to those balanced moments where everything is "right"?

In ADHD Answers, Dr Justin Coulson takes a careful look at the basic psychological needs of your ADHD child. Dive deep into the elements that encourage nurturing relationships; develop strategies for creating a sense of competence and confidence in your child; and explore ways to expand autonomy and safe, healthy, wise decision-making that work within appropriate limits.

This is a follow on session to A Parent's Guide to Raising a Child with ADHD, and consists of a 40-minute presentation outlining how to integrate an understanding of your child's basic psychological needs with your everyday parenting practice (and regular family life) and a 20-minute Q and A where pre-submitted questions were answered. 

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