A Parent's Guide to raising a child with ADHD

A parent's guide to raising a child with ADHD


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There may be no psychological condition more controversial and provocative than ADHD. At one extreme, we see some people say it doesn’t exist. Other’s say it’s a result of poor parenting. At the other end, people write books about “the ADHD advantage”, and how children can thrive in spite of – or even because of – this condition.

But for parents who are raising children with an ADHD diagnosis, their child’s behaviour can seem like a wrecking ball. Coping with the “war at home”, families often feel divided. Parents struggle to be on the same page, torn between loving their child and flipping out because things are out of control. And the fear of judgment from others makes finding support additionally challenging.

In “A Parent’s Guide to Raising an ADHD child”, Dr Justin Coulson will explore up-to-the-minute science on what ADHD is, why it occurs, and most importantly, what parents can do to create something at home that feels sane and balanced in an often chaotic climate. 

This 60-minute webinar will:

  • Provide science-supported strategies that build parental knowledge, 
  • Improve child compliance, 
  • Offer family-strengthening tips to support parents, strengthen relationships, and build bonds.
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