9 Ways to a Resilient Child
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Resilience in Children

9 Ways to a Resilient Child

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Would you like to help your child learn the skills to help them bounce back from adversity and challenging times?

Perhaps you feel your child gives up too quickly and easily, moaning 'I can't'. Maybe your child resists going to school because he doesn't like his teacher or his friend rejected him. Maybe she failed in a sporting contest or an exam.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is 'How can I help my child be more resilient?'

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from adversity and adapt to difficulty in positive ways. Research shows that the resilience levels of our children have dropped significantly, putting many at risk. Friendship issues, bullying, physical changes, identity development and parenting styles are just some of the issues that can affect our children's ability to bounce back. The critical time is before adolescence hardwires our children's brains into changes that may lead to lifelong habits.

The 9 Ways to a Resilient Child resources will help parents to create the best possible environment to enable their children to cope with the challenges that life throws at all of us. Discover why winners aren't always grinners, the problems with common advice like 'Toughen up, princess', the impact of helicopter parenting and why praise can harm instead of help. Understand both the risks and the protective factors that come into play. And learn the best ways to build your child's ability to recover from difficulties, from the importance of instilling flexibility, autonomy and self-control to the vital roles of family, relationships, school and community.

I aim to bolster resilience - not just in our children, but also in ourselves. Because resilience doesn't just matter for children; it matters for adults too. Get stated with 9 Ways to a Resilient Child now and help your family be a family that bounces back from adversity.

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