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2022 Webinar Bundle


The 2022 Webinar Bundle allows you to purchase all 12 webinars released this year by Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families (valued at over $400) for a discounted price. These webinars are packed FULL of ideas, solutions, support and practical help for families navigating their way through a myriad of parenting difficulties and stages of life.

Check out the list of topics we covered this year below. The ideas you will take away with you are immense and worth their weight in gold.

  1. Your Growth Guide - This webinar outlines basic milestones of our children's development so you can know what "normal" is (and yes, for this webinar, there is a "normal" developmental pattern), and when you need to be on the lookout for help.
  2. Better Together - Wherever your relationship is right now, Better Together will give you the support you need to make your marriage or partnership better.
  3. Pixel Perfect - Tween and teen girls don’t have a problem with screens. Just ask them. They’ll tell you everything’s fine.
  4. Toolbox for Tough Times - Just like holes in need of repair, tough times come in all shapes and sizes. And they inevitably make their mark on all of us.
  5. Carrots & Sticks - How rewards and punishments hurt our kids, and what to do instead
  6. Emotion Coaching - Big emotions don’t have to cause big problems. In fact, with the emotion coaching process, you’ll be closer and more connected to your child.
  7. Little People, Big Feelings - How to manage meltdowns, tame tantrums, and raise an emotionally intelligent child
  8. The Teenage Brain - Join Dr Justin Coulson for an incredible webinar that looks deep inside our teenager's brains.
  9. What to do when Kids Won't Listen - What do we do when our kids “won’t listen” and it actually does matter?
  10. Boys & Screens - Gaming, Gambling & Pornography
  11. Autistic not Weird - with Chris Bonnello
  12. No Damage Discipline - Discipline done right doesn’t damage kids.

Purchase this bundle and you can own all 12 of these problem-solving-packed webinars, giving you lifetime access so you can return to them time and time again.  

Dr Justin Coulson delivers very helpful strategies to empower us as educators and parents. Our children and our own individual parenting techniques are transformed because of Dr Coulson's advice. His own personal experiences and parenting styles are invaluable.

- Anita W
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