Something’s Got to Give (Webinar)

Finding time to breathe in frantic family life

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Parenting experts have all the advice in the world for how to make family life peaceful… but in the real world, we know it’s rarely as simple as they say. Mornings are a mess because we can’t find a school jumper or shoes. Evenings are exhausting because we arrived home late, dinner was from a take-away box, and we don’t have the mental space. And weekends don’t work because we’re playing catchup on the week rather than play catch with the kids.

Imagine a system that helps you to get the family on the same page so that you really can have magic mornings, easy evenings, and Super Saturdays or Sundays. In “Something’s Got to Give”, hear from father of 6 daughters and parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson, as he describes the process he and his family have created for their family of 8 to find the time to breathe, even when family life is frantic.
You’ll learn:
  • How to simplify your schedule and minimise the irritations that stop you doing what matters most with your family
  • The 3 surefire strategies to really make mornings magic – every day of the week. (And yes, the kids will be staying at your house!)
  • The most important elements of every evening that make things easy for everyone (or at least, easier)
  • Strategies for getting the most out of your weekend time together
  • The simple system for coordinating everything as a family so you’re all on the same page.


Justin is a wonderful presenter/life coach who has discussed several challenging areas. Just keep doing what you’re doing! You’ve got the equation right!

— Alina M.


  1. Ash (verified owner)

    we consistently struggle in morning time, rush to prepare bag, books, breakfast and getting up my child to get dressed, I liked the ideas that dr. Justin provide for easier mornings and how it’s linked to the psychological basis. I’m looking forward to start applying them, it’s eye opening webinar. Highly recommended.

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