Riding the Rollercoaster

10 Ways To Deal With The Day-to-Day Ups and Downs

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Juggling the task of raising a family with the rest of life often feels impossible. It’s stressful… it’s taxing.

There’s already enough to do with work, the house, the kids’ routine, extra-curricular activities, personal interests, and a crowded calendar. But once we throw in the stress that comes from tired or grumpy children, a stressed or absent partner, and the day-to-day emotions of a roller coaster life, it can feel overwhelming.

In this webinar, Dr Justin Coulson will step out simple parenting, family, and life hacks (and science that supports them) to help you reduce, simplify, stay sane, be consistent, and raise a flourishing family.

You’ll hear ten practical, “real”, do-able strategies designed to make family life simpler, smoother, and happier.


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