Why we should End the Praise Craze | Webinar Recording

How praise is actually bad for your child, and what to do instead

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Pretty much every parenting book or program recommends that you “catch your children doing something right and praise them for it.” You’re supposed to reinforce positive behaviour with verbal rewards – making sure it’s “effort praise” and not “person praise”. The idea is that if we pump up our child’s tyres, they’re going to be more motivated, their self-esteem will go up, and in the end we’ll have better kids.

But… that’s not what the research says. In fact, at least three or four decades of studies now confirm that praising our children may have several significant unintended consequences. It’s actually surprisingly bad!
So what are you supposed to do instead? 
Join Dr Justin Coulson for this powerful, provocative webcast as he explains the science of praise, why you should avoid it, and how you can give better positive feedback to your children so they actually DO feel motivated, confident, and resilient. It will change the way you speak to your children forever.


  1. sarah (verified owner)

    First webinar and I found it very beneficial for personal and professional reasons. Although my son is only 18months It’s nice to get a head start. I found the research interesting and examples most useful.
    Thanks Sarah

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I had never considered the detrimental effects of praise and rewards on children (and adults) before. This was eye opening and will change the way I interact with my own children and the students I work with as a SLSO in a primary school. I liked the way Dr Justin spoke like a normal person and not a robot doing a presentation. He used everyday language and examples which made his points very clear.

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