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A webinar series to help you confidently navigate parenting at every age and stage.

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Parenting is hard and it’s constantly changing. Just when we think we’ve finally ‘got it!’ our child reaches a new developmental milestone and it can feel like we’re back to square one. As a father to six girls from ages 4 to 19 years Dr Justin Coulson knows this only too well. If only our children came with an instruction manual!

Justin’s Positive Parenting webinars will guide you over some of those big parenting hurdles from taming toddler tantrums through to having THAT talk with your teens. These presentations will provide you with practical advice, helpful insights and simple tools and techniques to confidently navigate parenting at every age and stage.

The Positive Parenting program includes:

#1 Overcoming Differences with your Partner in Parenting

#2 Taming Toddler Tantrums (and Other Challenging Kid Stuff)

#3 Simple Solutions to Sibling Rivalry for EVERY Family

#4 Would you Get Off Your Screens? Please 🙂

#5 School Success for Kids Aged 5-12

#6 What Your Teenage Daughter Wants to Tell You but Can’t

#7 The Talk: How and When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

#8 Relationship Rules – How to Establish Relationship Rules with Those You Love

Individual webinars are just $29.99 or you can sign up for the full Positive Parenting series for just $99 (save $141), which includes access to eight live webinars with Dr Justin Coulson including a Q&A, plus a handy cheat sheet on each topic to have on hand whenever you need it.


Dr Coulson’s parenting approach really resonates with me and his simple steps are easy to follow, creating a happy home! Thanks for your guidance Justin!

— Debbie D.


  1. Olga Dobrovolskaya (verified owner)

    Comprehensive, thoughtful, caring!

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    How do I access what I purchased??

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