Positive Parenting | #7 The Talk: How and when to talk to your kids about sex

Practical advice for parenting in the REAL world which will give you confidence to have THAT talk with your children

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Our kids are hearing messages about sex from A LOT of sources, including their friends, Google, and even pornography, that could be setting them up for unhealthy, unwise decisions. Lots of parents are reluctant to have any kind of conversation because… well, it might be embarrassing. And what are we supposed to say?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this live one-hour webinar as he unpacks the science and provides practical advice for parenting in the REAL world. You’ll leave this webinar with the confidence to have THAT talk with your children.


All parents


A 60 minute live webinar with Justin including a Q&A, plus a handy cheat sheet to have on hand whenever you need it.


This webinar is a simple guide for parents on how to talk about those tricky topics.

  • How to speak with your children about sex in an open, constructive, positive, and healthy way that will build a foundation of communication and trust.
  • How to tackle those tricky topics like pornography, masturbation, sex, and more.


This webinar is part of Dr Justin’s Positive Parenting webinar series, which has been designed to help you confidently navigate parenting at every age and stage. Find out more here.


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