Positive Parenting | #2 Taming Toddler Tantrums

Simple tools and techniques to help you confidently navigate the tumultuous toddler years

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Toddlers and pre-schoolers are tiring. They wet the bed, have tantrums in supermarkets, refuse to eat good food (or any food for that matter), and generally say no to pretty much everything we ask them to do. Are they on a daily mission to make our lives hell?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this live one-hour webinar as he unpacks the science and provides practical advice for parenting in the REAL world. You’ll leave this webinar with simple tools and techniques to help you confidently navigate the tumultuous toddler years.


Parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers


A 60 minute live webinar with Justin including a Q&A, plus a handy cheat sheet to have on hand whenever you need it.
Webinar bonus: you will also receive a free copy of Justin’s e-book, Eat Right Without a Fight.


It’s hard work raising little ones. This webinar is designed to help us to better understand our toddlers and more importantly how to help them (and us) get through these challenging times.

  • Effective ways to calm your child (and yourself);
  • How to deal with the no-sharing arguments;
  • Flushing out the myths and science of toilet training; and
  • How to get your kids to Eat Right Without the Fight.


This webinar is part of Dr Justin’s Positive Parenting webinar series, which has been designed to help you confidently navigate parenting at every age and stage. Find out more here.


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