Parenting Workshop

What Your Child Needs From You

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Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected ‘parenting’ voices. His seminars have equipped and empowered thousands of parents to make their families happier.

But sometimes getting to a parenting seminar can be tough. There’s work and other commitments. Then there’s the issue of the children, and babysitters.

Now, you can watch one of Dr Justin’s seminars from the comfort of your own home, and at a time that works for you!

In this seminar video – available online now – you’re invited to ‘sit in’ on one of Dr Justin’s parenting seminars as he takes you from confusion to clarity.

Combining parenting research with heartfelt stories, you’ll discover the three essential keys to making families happy – and raising resilient kids.

You’ll learn how to build a strong connection with your children, how to really understand them, and how to get discipline right.


  1. Fernando Widjaja (verified owner)

    Dear Admins, hope you are doing well. Would like to ask if you could help please as we are experiencing a difficulty to download the video “Parenting Workshop” which we have recently purchased from Dr Coulson’s Happy Families website earlier:

    It downloaded the file “WhatYourChildNeedsFromYouwithDrJustinCoulsonHD.mp4” however the file size was only 244KB. I was able to download “Relationship Rules” ebook with no issue. Have tried with multiple internet browsers however I was having the same problem.

    Was hoping if you could provide an assistance for us please. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


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