Parenting on the Same Page (Webinar)

Families feel happiest when parents are tuned in to one another and their kids. But how do we do this?

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Who: Parents who love each other – and their kids – but can’t agree on how to parent!

What: A 60 minute webinar for parents who want more alignment as they grapple with the challenges of raising kids

Where: On your PC or Mac in your living room (or bedroom) with your partner

Why: Families feel happiest when parents are tuned in to one another and their kids. This webinar is designed to help you get past the parenting disagreements you face when it comes to dealing with parenting issues, to make your couple relationship happier and stronger, and to help you raise your kids in a positive way that you can both feel good about.

The Promise: When you participate in this webinar and practice the ideas you’ll hear, you WILL feel like your family is happier with 24 hours – or your money back.

What You’ll Discover:

— The anatomy of every argument you’ve ever had with your partner or spouse… who started it, who’s contributing to it, who’s responsible for fixing it. And HOW!
— Simple ways to get on the same page with your partner or spouse every time you feel a disagreement coming on
— The best discipline strategies known to science – and they don’t involve hurting anyone!
— Amazingly easy strategies to get kids to listen to you the first time you ask
— A range of incredible resources and support for you and your partner to help de-stress your relationship, improve your interactions with your kids, and make your family happier.


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