Self-Care Strategies For When Everything Is Too Much

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Monday 20th September, 8pm AEST

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If you’re a parent, you can’t help but know the strains of raising children. And studies confirm it beyond all doubt: having children is a sure-fire way for parents to end up stressed out, spent out, and worn out. The extra pressures of living in a modern world that’s become increasingly expensive, increasingly pressured, and increasingly paranoid (thanks to the media and being overtaken by COVID-19) only amplify the challenge so many of us face every day. Lockdown pressures have only exacerbated the overwhelm.

Luckily, wellness blogs and Insta-influencers have come to the rescue! With messages about #selfcare, they proclaim that all we need to do is slow down, breathe, “be mindful”, have a bubble bath, and make special time for the things that “light you up” so you can “live your best life”. They say we should exercise more, drink more water, and get more sleep – and everything will turn out for the best.

Sadly, that’s not the reality for most of us.

In “Overwhelm: Self-Care Strategies For When Everything Is Too Much”, Dr Justin Coulson delves into the latest research to explore what self-care can really look like for busy parents who just want a chance to go to the bathroom in peace. This 60-minute webinar will show you:

  • Why our best efforts at self-care continually fail
  • Simple habit hacks that help every parent build better self-care practices
  • Evidence-based strategies parents can use even when the kids are around, and
  • The one piece of self-care advice that will change your family for the better… immediately


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