Miss-connection | Webinar

Why your teenage daughter "hates" you, expects the world, and needs to talk

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Justin shares from his wealth of experience as a parent, an educator and a researcher ways to address real life problems that come up in so many parents’ lives. I really like his down-to-earth, supportive approach, along the lines of ‘you’re doing a great job, and here’s how it could be even better’. Highly recommend this webinar if you have teen, pre-teen, even young adult girls, in your life.

—Kylie B


Trying to guide a teenage daughter through a complex adolescent world is… well, complicated. Alcohol and drugs, mental health concerns, body image issues, premature and/or non-consensual intimacy, and friendship challenges are just the tip of the iceberg.

Join me as I unpack the science and provide practical real world advice for parenting your teenage daughter. You’ll leave this presentation with simple and valuable tools and techniques to help you guide our daughters safely and successfully through adolescence.

You’ll discover what is really going on in the minds of our teenage daughters – how do they really feel and what do they wish you knew? Find out how we can stay connected to our daughters and keep them motivated, whilst also dealing with the eye-rolls and bad attitude. We’ll talk about how we can keep them safe and informed without them pushing us away; and how to encourage them to develop strong, healthy relationships and resilience, plus we’ll cover the best things we can do to support our daughters during this tumultuous time.

I really enjoyed the webinar. It was easy to follow, insightful & practical ideas to use at home I found beneficial. Thank you!

—Tania I.


  1. Katie (verified owner)

    Really looking forward to watching this in its entirety with my husband. Great tips so far.

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