How to Smash Year 12

This webinar is for both parents AND your senior students. Normally Dr Justin runs this session at schools but as he can't get to every school, you can now access it by video. It will revolutionise the way you, your child and your family approaches year 12.

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This webinar was aimed at both parent and student and while my son may have been initially a little reluctant Justin’s presentation was engaging for both of us. The information and strategies presented were entirely ‘do-able’ and their intended outcome / goal clear to both myself and my son; to the point that he immediately made some of the simple changes with how he uses and interacts with his devices. — MICHELLE S.

Everybody knows Year 12 can be the worst for our kids. There’s big exams. There’s big stress. There’s enormous pressure. There’s parent, teacher and personal expectations. And there’s big goodbye’s.

But…. Year 12 can be the Best Year Ever!!

Ahead of your child starting year 12 this year, Dr Justin Coulson will be hosting a 80 minute webinar where you and your child together will:

  • get PUMPED for an incredible senior year
  • set clear and focussed goals
  • work to move beyond those awful obstacles that can make achievement so challenging
  • have the tools you need to encourage and support your children without being overbearing, coercive or ‘getting in the way’
  • Give your child the tools to make the year a success, however you define it.

This will be helpful for teens who want to achieve big things… but it will be even more valuable for teens who are stuck, looking for direction, or who don’t really “fit the mould” for typical academic success. The workshop will give your child hope!

So many great points to take from this webinar for both parents and students. Well worth the listen! — TONIA B.


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