Wellbeing solutions for improved focus and fulfilment at school

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The research is in. Educator wellbeing is low. School leader wellbeing is lower… and it’s little wonder. Behaviour challenges, students with special (additional) needs, a crowded curriculum, exams, reports. Mixed with over-reaching parents with interfering agendas, and a never-ending list of responsibilities and expectations… it’s a lot to work through.

How do you, as an educator (or leader) look after your own wellbeing? What kind of mental (and even physical) self-care do you, as an educator, need to flourish – at home, and at school?

This presentation steps you through the science of Positive Psychology in a personal, interactive, and REAL way – with a specific emphasis on the education context. We’ll dive deep into understanding and practicing the things that will (and won’t) make you feel great about life – and find improved focus and fulfilment at school.


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