Force Creates Resistance

Why your behaviour management program isn't working

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What do you do when you are handed poop fresh from the nappy by a two- year-old? How do you handle being metaphorically handed the same thing from challenging students, determined to do things their own way? It’s kind of what life does to us… but how will we respond? If life (or a person in your life) plops a handful of it in your face, do you start throwing it around the room? Do you thank them for it and let them keep shovelling it your way? Or is there a better approach?

In this presentation Dr Justin Coulson unpacks lessons in life and leadership through the lens of a parent. But make no mistake; these are powerful principles that can change relationships in fundamental and significant ways.

You’ll discover groundbreaking principles from the science of relationships that helps us to get relationships right – every time, move past the vicious circle of conflict in constructive, positive ways without alienating clients, colleagues, students, or loved ones, and develop powerful, personal strategies for building trust in this presentation. 



  1. Marilyn F. (verified owner)

    Another wonderful presentation by Dr Justin Coulson.

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