Flip the Script Workshop [SOLD OUT]

How to Avoid Anger And Become An Even Better Parent

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Anger costs.

We don’t realise it in the heat of the moment, but we may be inflicting serious harm not just on our kids, but on everyone in the family. Of course, we regret it after cooling down, but those around us have paid a heavy price for our outburst. Sullen silence, broken trust, and an awkwardness that lingers long after… in other words, an unhappy family.

Even worse, we’re modelling negative behaviour our children pick up. Studies show that our kids are experts in copying us, whether our actions are responsible or not. With each outburst, we’re teaching them that this is the way adults behave and passing our angry behaviour onto them.

If you’ve been part of the Happy Families community for a while, you know uncontrolled anger is something we’ve looked at before. But because this is such a challenging issue, I wanted to explore how we can flip the script in greater depth. That’s why I’m running this as a workshop, not a webinar. This is a place where we’ll talk things out and get our hands “dirty”. In other words, you walk away not just knowing how to deal with potential flare-ups, but having practiced your response before it happens.

  • The science and psychology behind outbursts, and why kids instinctively know how to push our buttons
  • The true cost of anger in the short and long-term, from the smallest relationship cracks to yawning ruptures
  • Why anger is habitual… and how we can control it (instead of it controlling us)
  • The rewards of a more positive response over the outburst approach
  • Practical methods you can use to better handle “blow-up” situations, whether as a parent, in the workplace, or anywhere

Numbers are strictly limited to just 50 participants.


Please note that this session will be held via Zoom meeting. Participants will have the option to have their camera and microphone turned on, however it is not required. The sessions will be recorded, but will only be distributed to those who have participated in the session. 


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