Fathers Don’t Mother

What dads - and the women who love them - need to know about fathering

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The difference good dads make is enormous. In the past two decades, scientists have found evidence that a good dad is not dispensable. Rather, he is critically important in the lives of his children.

The trouble is, some dads don’t know just how important they really are.

This webinar is for every dad who wants to make a positive difference in his children’s lives. And it’s for the woman who loves him too. In this webinar we’ll unpack the distinctive contributions that dads make to their children, the unique opportunities dads have to mould their children’s wellbeing, and we’ll discover the long shadow that being dad casts into his children’s lives. We’ll explore how dads boost cognitive development, social development, and even provide safety in their children’s sexual development by being positively involved in their lives.

Most of all, we’ll discuss how to be a good dad.

(Yes, plenty of kids are raised beautifully without dad’s presence, but that doesn’t mean a great dad isn’t needed. It just means they have an even more remarkable mum.)


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