Facing First Day Fears

This webinar is for every parent whose child is starting something this month for the first time.

$30.00 inc. GST

Please note: This webinar is included in all Happy Families Premium memberships

First days. They can be anxiety-inducing.

Whether it’s kindy, big school, high school, work, swimming lessons, or anything else that represents a new start, first days are scary for some of us, and our children. Even when everything starts ok, the worries can compound and by the time Day 2 (or Week 2) comes around, our children can become terrified.

Facing First Day Fears is a webinar for every parent of a child starting something this month for the first time.
Perhaps it’s pre-school or kindy, maybe it’s prep or ‘big school’, it could be high school, or maybe it’s a new school. It could be that your child has signed up for a new team and doesn’t know anyone.

Whatever the ‘first’ actually is, you’ll find reassurance, gentle solutions, and successful strategies to support your children through those first tough 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 days, so that they can start with confidence.


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