Dadding Done Right

For dads and the people who love them

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Fatherhood has been undergoing a transformation in recent decades. Studies are highlighting that many more dads are involved with their children than ever before. For those children who have a safe, involved, positive relationship with their dad, the benefits are enormous.

Yet too many dads don’t know how important they really are. Or they don’t know quite what to do. Or they might just think that dadding done right is saying, “Go ask mum.”

What are they missing out on?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this vitally important webinar recording, just in time for Father’s Day. We’ll tick every box as we examine how dads can be the best support, the ideal role-model, and the “best dad ever” to their kids. We’ll look at what science is telling us about the parent that is too often overlooked – or seen as an authority figure and a wallet. We’ll unpack what a bunch of monkeys can teach us about dads and the ‘harden up’ mandate. We’ll explore the masculinity myth that dads are supposed to know how to camp and gut fish. And we’ll review the research that highlights the single MOST important thing EVERY father can do for his children.


  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Fantastic content and easy to listen to

  2. Sneha

    Great to-the-point and actionable workshop for dads, and mums too!

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