Creating Confident Kids

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By Justin Coulson PhD

In this easy-to-read e-book Creating Confident Kids for busy parents, Dr Justin Coulson provides simple strategies to guide parents as they work to create confidence in their kids.

Using cutting-edge psychological science, and honest, straight-from-the-heart stories that every parent will relate to, you will discover:

  • The 5 biggest confidence crushers
  • The 5 best confidence boosters
  • 20 questions to clearly identify your child’s view of his/her family identity
  • PLUS: A bonus chapter that will share one of science’s most surprising happiness and confidence boosters for people of ALL ages.

This e-book is written for parents who are looking for sound advice in bite-sized snippets. Each chapter is quick and easy to read, with tips you can apply immediately to build confidence in your children, and make your family happier.


  1. Sharon M. (verified owner)

    Great short read, has some easy to follow quick tips.

  2. Sanja W. (verified owner)

    Great read

  3. Hendrina Hancock (verified owner)

    Great practical advice from Dr. Coulson! I also liked the genuiness behind it all. As a mother of three girls, (not quite 6😅), and a child therapist, and concerned with children’s self-confidence, or rather self-efficacy, I have found this book very resourceful and a must read!

  4. ERIN S. (verified owner)

    Such a good read with epic tips to help my little girls. Thank you!

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